May 15, 2019


Ask any kid you know... colouring 
(as we say in French) 
is ALWAYS more fun...
 and I agree!!! 

preparing a BIG SURPRISE!!!! 
coming very soon! 


April 08, 2019

Frida Expo / Pointe Claire


Solo exhibition
Frida dolls by Cara Carmina

At the Kid's Corner

April 13th - June 29th


March 20, 2019

Frida dolls / Solo exhibition


A little sneak peek of some of the Frida dolls
I'm finishing this month!!!
(you can see the 8 dolls on my IG)

All of this dolls will be exhibited 
at the kid's corner of the
from April 13th to June 29th
for the exhibit
"Frida en pleine Couleur!"
(don't miss it)

These will be so pretty!
dressed with vintage French textiles
and with lots of colorful Mexican Paper flowers!!!!
Perfect to welcome Spring which finally arrived today!

All of the dolls are available for sale
if you are interested 
send me a message to


March 18, 2019

Frida dolls (in progress)


Snek peek alert!!!
I'm making a bunch of very pweety 
Frida dolls
(Cara Carmina style of course!)
for a special occasion!
(you can see some more sneak peeks 
of them being made on my Instagram as well)

Each step is a slow detailed one,
from drawing the shape of the doll,
stitching her face and hair,
choosing the fabrics for her dress 
making her arms and legs
and choosing the accessories each one will have
on her hair and on her dress
like paper flowers, buttons and other details
I find in my trips to Mexico (treasures I call them).

These 8 dolls will be soon in a very special place
where you will be able to visit them!
and they all are available for sale as well!
I will contact the people in my "Frida doll Waiting List"
to offer them to them first,
(they have been waiting for a long time)
and after them I will let you all know 
which dolls will still be available.

If you want to be on my waiting list
please send me a message to:
to add your name.

Every time I have a bit of time to make dolls
I contact the people of the list 
and they have priority to purchase them.

Ok... back to work now!
(I cannot wait to finish them!!!)


March 07, 2019

caracarminadrawing 13 / Let's dance!


Drawing #13
of my drawing challenge
for 2019

Let's dance!!!

You can see me drawing all of these
on my instagram @caracarmina
with the hashtag:
or on my Youtube chanel


March 04, 2019

Passe Partout


OMG Je suis tellement contente de partager 
que mes illustrations étaient 
dans un de les premieres épisodes de 
PASSE PARTOUT!!!! à Télé-Québec

pour regarder tout l'épisode allez ICI

So happy to share with you all 
that my illustrations were part of the kids TV show
 PASSE PARTOUT at Télé-Québec last week!!!! 

Watch the complete episode HERE