Custom - Made Dolls


As all my custom orders are HAND MADE there is a waiting list for getting them done, please read THIS POST to know the details about it or send me a message.


Be aware that cases of a very rare Love at First Sight Syndrome (LFSS) have been reported when people see my dolls!!! If that happens to you and you cannot sleep and feel anxious all the time, please don`t worry.  There is a solution for this oh so very cute condition.

I can always help you cure this great desire to have one of my dolls  by making a special custome made doll just for you, exactly the way  you want it to cure your strong desire to have one. 

Just send me a message to explaining all the symptoms and I will make sure you can obtain a cure for this syndrome with 100% satisfaction and no side effects (at least for a few months).

To see all the costume made dolls I make please go to
 my store.

I apologize for all the inconveniences this problem may cause to your health.

cara carmina