June 05, 2018

The princess is going to the printer!!!


Happiness is sharing with you all 
TODAY is the day 
our sleepy princess is going to the printer 
to become a lovely children book!!!!!! 

MUCHOS MERCIS to Marie-Josée Gauvin 
for sharing your beautiful story with me 
to all the crazy beautiful team of Éditions les Malins 
for giving us both the chance to make this happen!!!! 
oh oh oh and 
A VERY SPECIAL MERCI to Shirley De Susini 
our amazing graphic designer for all the amazing work!!!!

A bientôt princesse!!!!! 
I cannot wait to see you transformed in a book 😬 
applauses 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 and jumps!!!!!!!!
Our lovely book will be available next FALL 🍁



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