November 14, 2017

New book!!!!!!!


Today!!! today is the launching of the new book:

"Las aventures de Sarah et du Petit Prince Magique au Taj Mahal"

Which I illustrated last Summer 
for the new editorial project "Editions des Songes
A lovely story the author Olivier Soussy 
used to tell to his daughters 
when they were little before going to sleep. 
Now his daughters have grown up 
and it's very touching for me 
to have illustrated such a personal part 
of their childhood! 

Plus this book is very special 
as you will be able to personalize the main character 
and her name so she looks like your daughter 
and make it her own bed time story! 

I'm very excited!!!! Come to discover this book with us later 
today at Juliette & Chocolat St Laurent at 5.30pm :D



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