November 22, 2017


Guess what!!!!???? Señorita Cara Carmina 
will open her studio to introduce you all 
to some of my most talented artists friends!!!!!! 
Go see my invited artists friends this year to our 
(they are awesome!)

Come say HO, HO, HO!!!!! with us! 
I'll have some Xmas snacks 
and you can bring your own wine! let's celebrate!!!
Everyone is invited!!! 
bring your mom, your grandma!!! 
your husband and your kids!!!! 
please don't bring your dog my cats are scared of dogs... 

We are a happy - artsy - crazy bunch! (My fav. kind) 
See you Chez Cara Carmina December 8th!!!!!  
(At Château St Ambroise suite 230 / from 2-9pm)

#shoplocal #sharingiscaring #happyseñorita


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