October 12, 2015

Illustration: Joanna Concejo

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you, and you, .... and you!

Every morning I´m grateful and light a candle, 
is part of my morning ritual. I like rituals... 
I like celebrating and remembering the important things in my life.  
There is so much to be thankful for, there are moments, people, 
lessons, experiences to be grateful about.
Recognition of the good and the bad as part of our path, 
the subtle moments we go through everyday, 
the little steps that take us slowly to be a better version of ourselves...

I´m grateful above everything else this year to MY FRIENDS, 
to all of you, my imaginary family 
who have been so KIND, EMPATHIC, GENTLE AND CAREFUL with me 
the last year.  
I´m grateful to your open hearts and for opening your arms to me 
with generosity and joy.  
I´m so GRATEFUL for having all of you around me 
to protect me, to hug me, to listen to me, to make me laugh,
to tell me the truth, to feed me, to give me a refuge when I needed one, 
to join me for the good and the bad, 
to be happy for my happiness and to be worried about my sadness.  
I´m so lucky to have you ALL in my life, 
the amount of love and understanding I´ve had in this last year 
has been so immense I think my heart is exploding 
and becoming more and more red each day!

I appreciate the complications of this past year of my life.  
The confusion, the confilcts, the sadness, the disappointments
the uncertainties, the tears and the anxiety, 
the tiredness and the failures.  
I learned, I grew, I became stronger, and humble.  
I´m thankful for all of these too! as for there is no light without darkness, 
there is no laughter without silence, 
there is no creativity without frustration.  
I´ve been scared all my life... of many things, 
but not one of this things have prevented me to keep on making mistakes 
and I´m aware some of my decisions have brought 
confusion and sadness into my life but.... 
(a big BUT) 
I cannot imagine living another way! 
I want and will keep on MAKING MISTAKES 
and living to the fullest, cause at the end my courage and my hope are bigger 
than my fear and my caution.

I´m grateful FOR THE MAGIC and MIRACLES 
that keeps surrounding me everyday, for life surprises, 
for new friends, for lost friends, for my days and my nights, 
for my white sheets of paper and my pencils, 
I´m thankful for inspiration and for my hot shower, 
I´m grateful for my voice and my laughter, 
I´m grateful for my feet and my hands, I´m grateful for my family, 
for my sisters and my niece who will be born in a month!!! 
I´m grateful for having someone to call when I´m lonely 
and somewhere to hide when I want to be alone, 
I´m grateful for the accomplished goals and finished paths.  
I´m grateful to have cats, chocolate, a big window, 
warm socks, avocados, books and sunshine!  
I´m grateful to be able to walk and sing, 
I´m grateful to be myself, for my work and for having so many memories 
to keep adding to my life album everyday.

My story is mine... is mine to write 
and I´m responsible for making it a BEAUTIFUL, FUN, COLORFUL AND JOYFUL ONE!
I´ve never been static, 
I believe in making my life happen rather than to see it happen.
May you all have a hand to hold on to and a smile to smile back at, 
may you all have food in your plates 
and warm cozy sheets on your beds, 
may you all have peace in your hearts and minds 
and energy to wake up in the morning; 
may you have music to dance to and arms to hug you, 
may you all go to sleep at night feeling calm and exhausted 
and not restless and worried,  

Happy Thanksgiving!


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