October 19, 2015

Cara Carmina´s conference in Chihuahua!!!


I´m leaving tomorrow to Mexico 
to give a conference this Wednesday at the event 
(Women Entrepreneurs - Chamber of Commerce in Chihuahua)
One full day of inspiring and informative conferences
for women entrepreneurs in the Northern city of Chihuahua!!!

"Accomplishing Dreams - Breaking Rules"
is the name of my conference.
Cause we all (women) are told we need to follow
certain specific rules 
-different ones depending on our cultural context-
to be worth it, to be successful and to be happy.
I have broken all the rules I was supposed to follow
as a Mexican señorita and I have never believed in them.
I believe in making our lives happen
instead of letting it happen...
I make my own rules, I don´t listen, I don´t follow,
I create and propose...
I make my own dreams come true and so can you!"

THANK YOU SO MUCH for the invitation
I cannot wait to be there!
I´ll be speaking in front of 350 women!!!
I´m super excited!!!!

See you soon!!! 


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