March 31, 2014

Paulo Bottas and Cara Carmina


Today I want to share with you an amazing collaboration project
I´m working with a very talented friend of mine.

His name is PAULO BOTTAS 
Amazing musician from BRASIL and one of my best friends!
(and that´s a real treasure as he is one of the nicest
people I´ve met! plus he is crazy and you know how I love
crazy people!)  -my fav kind-

Paulo wrote a quartet for Strings in 4 movements inspired
on FRIDA KAHLO, for violas, violins and cellos
I heard the classical piece and fell in love!

We are working together trying to record the music of Paulo
in a professional studio with professional musicians
and along with my Frida illustrations want to make a book!!!
For this we need money and so we started an
to ask all of you to help us make our dream come true!

In exchange for your donation! (anything is helpful, 5-10-20 dls!)
you´ll get different lovely things!
The music
The CD
The book!!!!!

Check out the campaign HERE

And here are some videos where I´m telling you a bit more
about Paulo and our project! :D

If after watching our campaign you like it 
we ask you to please share it! we need a lot of people
to know about this to be able to reach our goal!!!



You can hear Paulo´s music with his group


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