March 14, 2014

ETSY workshop at YES Montreal by Cara Carmina


OH OH OH!!!!!
This señorita gave her first workshop!!!!

Let me tell you it was truly one of the best experiences of my career as an artist!!! You might think that the person that writes and talks to you from the other side of the screen and who might have a bit more experience than you is all sure of herself... WELL YOU ARE WRONG! 

My life as an artist is a constant learning process... I still get amazed about compliments of my work (each and every time)... I still feel surprised with someone buys my work!!!! is just so unbelievable to see how after so many years of hard work the dream is coming true... and when YES Montreal asked me to give a workshop I immediately wondered "why would people would come to listen to me?" and really... really it was hard for me to grasp the fact that all the people who started coming into the room were interested in what I had to say...

I was very nervous during the whole day before the workshop, a really bad snow storm started falling in Montreal and by the time I arrived there we were expecting most of the people to not show up because of it.  So people started coming into the room and I was sooooo nervous!!!! (you could have heard my heart pumping inside of my chest!!!) So... as the workshop started and I started looking into the faces of everyone there I saw so much interest! so much appreciation, so much!!! that it made me feel more comfortable... I started to enjoy it... I started to understand I was truly doing something I liked... SHARING.... 

You all know I believe in sharing each other, in inspiring each other... in kindness and love! It´s one of my main goals as an artist to inspire others... cause I´ve been in this journey for many years... and I know... I know what it means to start from scratch, to not have money (not that I have lots now but I´m proudly making my living with my art and that is really important for me!!!), I know what it means to come to a new city where you don´t have any friends and don´t know anyone... (I´ve done it already 2 times in my life!!!) I know what it means to have a dream, a dream that seems crazy to most of the people around you, a dream that for others is such an absolutely stupid idea... I know!!!!
and I also know that always there was someone out there who inspired me! who made me believe that everything is possible, other artists work, other stories...
If my story and what little or much that I know now (as an artist) can help all the people that follow me THAT IS AMAZING!!!

That night was so important and inspiring for me too! (looking fwd to keep doing this!)
(maybe more than for all of you who sooooo nicely came)


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Kirameku said...

Hi Norma! : )

Thank you so much for taking the time to share with all of us! : ) I had a wonderful experience and had a blast! You really did inspire me - you social media guru ;) - and I look forward to your next conference!

Wish you all the best,