March 28, 2014



the lovely book "Amorcinario
arrived home yesterday!!!!

This is the first time my work is in a a book!
and I couldn´t be more happy because this one
is a special one!

Published by the Spanish Creatives of COLECTIVO SATELITE
to celebrate love!!!
more than 150 illustrators are part of this book
(many of them people I´ve admired for year!)
so it is a real joy for me to be a part of this project!

Each illustrator was given an invented word
that starts by "Amar" or "Amor (to love - love in Spanish)
and we had to invent the meaning of the word and illustrate it!

Mine was AMARICA and it is a special tea
that cures all love ailments! 

What a wonderful, wonderful book!
Thank you so much to Yolanda Falagán
and all the "Satelites" for inviting me to be a part of it!

If you are interested in buying the book write a message to:
The book is available in some book stores in Madrir and Valladolid
but they can send it to you via mail.
(cost: 15 Euros plus shipping -depending on your country-)



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