January 24, 2014

The twins

Some time ago a lovely client ordered 3 dolls
to give as a gift to her mother in law
representing each of her 3 lovely children.
(firs photo)

Same lovely client just had baby twins!!!
and she came back to get the twin dolls
to complete the dollies of her moter in law!

This is the process behind them
and after 3 months of not making any dolls
I´m just sooooo happy to be making them again!

You can see all my dolls available on my Etsy store
(I still have a waiting list so if you want dolls for you
please e-mail me first so I can tell you when
I can start making yours! 

*happy weekend everyone*



1 comment:

Montse said...

Wooww Lovely dolls! Very very nice1 You have a cute blog! Great works and a lot of ideas. I'm following since now. MOntse lesmiliunaidees.blogspot.com