January 06, 2014

Señorita is going LIVE!!!!


For those of you who haven´t heard questa señorita has just gone LIVE!!!! (applauses

I have my own You Tube channel now and I´ll start making this kind of "video journal" to share with you all in a more personal way my work, my inspirations my life, my adventures, maybe show you my studio, my city!! (ooooh Monteal is such a wonderful city!) and lots of other surprises! I just posted my first video today! OOOOOh oh oh! sooo happy and to be honest a bit nervous, I´m not a video person, I´m actually very shy on camera and so this is also going to be a personal challenge and a creative one too! I´m GOING SOOO FAR AWAY from my comfort zone here you won´t even know!!!! I need some practice and I´ll try to make these as inpsirational and fun for you as possible!!!

HOPE YOU LIKE THEM! you can GO SEE MY VIDEOS IN MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL or directly from my facebook page! I´ll try to post  them as often as possible, I need to get the hang of it first! (wish me luck!!!) 

If you guys know any cool apps to edit videos or maybe have some suggestions for me they will be super welcomed! 

SOOOO TAKE 1 IS READY AND I´m looking fwd for more!!!!


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