October 14, 2013

Drawing Fridas...


Questa señorita has been busy with life things
and with Frida...

(Preparing my 2014 calendar...
is going to be a FRIDA YEAR!!!!) 

To see some more photos go to my instagram!
I´m sooo happy with the ones I´ve been working this week!!!
(my favorite is the one of the deer!)

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from cinthia said...

Je pense toujours à Cara Carmina dès que j'entends parler de Frida ... Quel est ce livre en français ?

Agulhas, Colheres e Afins said...

Lindo, parabens pelo trabalho!

la griffe miranda said...

Très beau travail, j'adore!

Cara Carmina said...

Cinthia: merci beaucoup!!!!! le livre de sa bio?

Agulhas, Dolheres e Afins: Obrigada!!!!

La griffe miranda: merci!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D