September 11, 2013

Dioramas inspired in "Atelier b."

Inspired by the work and lovely working boutique/atelier 
of the Montreal Fashion designers of Atelier b.
I created this series of dioramas telling a bit of their story! 
A Marie and Catherine work along with their super fluffly cat "Didi" 
making their lovely clothes surrounded by vintage treasures. 
The boutique itself is a vintage jewel in the Mile End of Montreal! 
(one of my favorite hoods!)
 It used to be a hats shop since 1953 and 2 years ago it became theirs.

With these dioramas I want to tell a bit of their journey, 
a bit of their dream... 
One of my favorite projects ever!!!!! :D

This dioramas (photos and original work) will be exhibited
 in the Atelier b. boutique until October 6th!!! :D

You can see some of the process photos 
of making these dioramas in my facebook page
(so cute!!!!!)


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