September 17, 2013

Cara Carmina Stamps!!!!

I´m soooo happy announce 
I´m starting my own line of STAMPS!!!!!
(applauses!!!!!) Cara Carmina

I love stamps! (who doesn´t?)
and after lots of work I´ve made my dream come true!!!!
I´m starting with 4 collections this Fall:

-Señorita Cara Carmina 

Each set of stamps measures 4 x 6 " (10 x 15 cms) 
and has many stamps of my series of illustrations!!!! 
These are polymer stamps, 
not acrylic cheap stamps made in China, no sir! 
These are shiny, clear, flexible, non-yellowing 
and tough with a naturally sticky back. 
You can store them very easily as they are flat!!!
(More photos in my Flickr

To use them you just have to stick them 
into a stamping acrylic block 
(for sale in any art store or craft store), 
you put ink on it, press it ET VOILÀ!!! 
To clean you can use water and soap, 
rinse it, dry it with a cloth 
and stick your stamp back again on its set!!!


Available very soon in my Etsy store!!!
*They will be available at Puces POP next week!!!! :D


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