September 13, 2013

Cara Carmina opened her Spoonflower store!!!!


Oh oh oh!!! As I promised this month is full of surprises
and I´m so happy to share this one with you all!
I just opened MY SPOONFLOWER SHOP!!!
 There you´ll be able to buy 
with my designs and illustrations!!! 


I just received my fabric samples 
and they are SOOO LOVELY!
The colors and quality are FANTASTIC,
 and you can now make all kinds of lovely things
 "Cara Carmina" Style!!!! 
You could make some Frida curtains for your baby´s room,
 maybe some bunnies pants!!!
or maybe some Frida gift wrap 
to make that gift for your best friend 
(who loves Frida like me) even more special!!!
 and with the wall paper and wall decals you can decorate 
any space you want! 
Be creative and make something lovely with my work! 

My store has World Wide shipping 
so no matter where in the world you are 
you can buy here and order your favorite one!
 (I warn you, it is hard to choose!)

Spoon Flower has a wide array 
of fabrics that you can choose from and they are all lovely!
 cottons, linens, poplin, silk... you name it!!!!

If you want to get some ideas of what you can do 
with my Spoonflower products 
go to their Pinterest or blog
 to find out what other people are doing with their favorite designs!

So happy with this new adventure!!!!




Masako said...

That's great, I'm happy for you! I hope you find a dedicated following for your Spoonflower store soon. As long as you consistently promote your store product in your social media accounts, your marketing won't suffer. You can also try linking to other blogs in your blogroll to promote your shop. It's also important to promote your shop, so don't neglect it.

Champion Online Marketing

Cara Carmina said...

thank you!!!! :D yeah!

Marta Terry said...

Hello, Cara! I hope that everything is going well with your Spoonflower store. Well, if you want to gain more customers, you should be active on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. These platforms will help you to stay connected with them. That will serve as an advantage for you to know more about their preferences and give you a chance to come up with fresh and new ideas for your shop.
Marta Terry @ Canyon Marketing

Unknown said...

Hi, Cara! I think you’re doing great in running your Spoonflower store. I noticed the widgets on the right side of your blog. You’re truly determined in making a name for your brand, huh? You have accounts in various social media websites. That’s good if you really want to gain more customers!
David West @ eKzact