September 11, 2013

Atelier b. Vernissage (sneak peeks)

Yesterday night was the vernissage to open
the exhbition of my dolls and dioramas
inspired on the lovely work of the girls of
Montreal fashion brand Atelier b. at their boutique.
(they are the pretty girls with me in the first photo
oh oh oh and I´m wearing one of their lovely dresses!!!)
(so cool!!!!!!!!!!)

Everything looked loovely, there was a lot of love
lot´s of smiles, dioramas and dolls, friends, new friends
kisses and hugs!!!! 
(all that in one night!!!!!! fabulous!!!!)

It was indeed a loooovely and special night for me 
and wanted to share few photos with you!

(This has been one of my favorite projects ever!)

The exhibition will be on-going until October 6th
so if you pass by Atelier b. don´t forget to 
say hi!

who came to share this special event
with me!


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