August 10, 2013

Ins - pirazione of today: YAROSLAV GERZHEDOVICH


Ins - pirazione of today: 
♥♥♥ Yaroslav Gerzhedovich ♥♥♥

Russian artist Yaroslav Gerzhedovich focuses 
on the darker end of the artistic spectrum, 
creating haunting, often monochromatic illustrations 
evocative and mystical intrigue. 
Taking cues from classical art and fantasy traditions,
 Gerzhedovich works with traditional techniques and mediums 
— acrylic, ink, pencil, paper 
and uses a little bit of Photoshop to process the image.
 Each image takes you to another world 
and makes you feel uneasy at times... 
There is something hidden there, 
something scary and yet... very attractive.

His work is been in different book covers and some CD covers 
(mostly of Heavy Metal bands;
and he says they always choose the darkest of his works!) 
He has his work available for purchase in the digital agency 

He gets inspired by classical European Art from the late 14th
 to the mid-17th centuries, 
he also admits being influenced 
by the photography of the Victorian Era 
and the culture of the North American Indians. 
In addition to these influences, 
a variety of things in life inspire him,
 such as people’s faces, clouds in the sky, scenes from movies, 
even simple phrases of two or three words a flow of ideas.
 I like that, I like artists who find inspiration in daily things... 
Words!!! how many of you find words inspiring? 
I do... and I absolutely understand this statement, 
there is so much inspiration in words!

So... after looking at his work
 I just want to go to the castle inside my head and keep drawing,
and for some strange reason I wish I had a black cat!

Enjoy his work and read his interview,
 is quite interesting!



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