August 15, 2013

Ins - pirazione of today: THOMAS JORION

Ins - pirazione of today: 
♥♥♥ Thomas Jorion ♥♥♥

How do we forget?
How do abandonment starts?
How can we just leave and let things die?

These are a few of the questions 
that come to my head 
when I see the work 
of French photographer Thomas Jorion...

Who better than him to describe his work:
"I travel the world with one idea in mind; 
find and show timeless islands. 
I chose to enter closed and abandoned places 
in order to present them to the active world.
 My work is based on our perception of time, 
how it passes and especially its lack of linearity. 
Some places seem frozen as time passes by. 
While our society is developing and changes very rapidly, 
these places are obeying a distorted passing of time. 
They seem lifeless or in a waking state, 
although in reality they have their own link with time. 
Through pictures, we realize 
that these "temporal holes" 
exist on all continents: Europe, America , Asia. 
The sense of time exceeds men and frontiers."

Looking at his photos I get sad,
sad for those spaces 
who are now "frozen" and "forgotten"
I cannot understand how each one of them is just there,
 in all their beauty, they are alone, empty, forgotten.
 Some of them are really beautiful,
 as his photos can show.  
There is something still there,
 and hopefully will stay there forever... 



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