August 08, 2013

Ins - pirazione of today: MR. FINCH

Ins - pirazione of today: 
♥♥ Mister Finch ♥♥♥

Everybody calls him Mr. Finch... 
that´s his real name. 
He lives in Yorkshire 
and whenever he is not making creatures 
(which rarely happens) 
he likes to read and watch old movies. 

I´ve followed his work for a very long time now
 and he never stops to amaze me,
even now more that I know
 he is a self taught artist!!! 
His style is unique 
and his creatures are magical, eerie, mysterious!!! 
He gets inspired by nature, by flora, by fungi, by insects.
He likes to collect old treasures 
(fabrics, old laces, wood pieces) 
which later on he integrates into his pieces. 
A dream world full of stories... 
that´s what he makes with his hands!

His hares and rabbits are perfect 
for my "Bunny" inspiration week,
but I also love his birds and his mushrooms
Oh oh oh! and his new bumblebees are AMAZING!!!!! 
just AMAZING!!!!! 
(did I mentioned they are AMAZING???!!!)

Absolutely AMAZING! 



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Dianne Murcutt said...

You are right...he is amazing. I, too have been following him for years now