August 02, 2013

Ins - pirazione of today: LADY ORLANDO


Ins pirazione of today : 
♥♥♥ Lady Orlando ♥♥♥

My encounter with Lady Orlando 
was a coincidence this week... 
she liked my bunnies (I´ve been drawing bunnies),
 I liked her bear and we started talking...

To my surprise as she kept talking 
I started browsing her work 
and my eyes started to open... 
bigger and bigger... AND BIGGER!!!!

Oh oh oh! what an amazing discovery! 
Her worked made me want more of it! 
each illustration was cooler than the other, 
her world is full of surreal creatures! 
she has cats and her eyes!!!! 
oooh ooh oh! what a BEAUTIFUL AMAZING style!!! 
so unique, so original! 
and she is from Mexico!!!! 
(another mexican curius)

She works with pencil and inks... 
watercolors too, I love her moleskine sketches too!!!
 Her work has soul 
and her Mexican roots 
can be seen hidden there...
It is surreal, it tells stories, is wonderful! 

On top of her wonderful work 
I discovered she is very nice, 
we talked about illustration, 
about how having certain tools like a good printer
 or a scanner is nice to make your work better 
but also how not having all the "best" tools in the world 
makes us be more creative! 
She was a wonderful discovery!!!!
 and officially she is now 
in my "favorite illustrator" list!!!!



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