August 05, 2013

Ins - pirazione of today: FIFI LAPIN



Ins -pirazione of today : 
♥♥♥ Fifi Lapin ♥♥♥

Fifi is not only cute but she is fashionable 

and is a trend setter in the human fashion world!!!! 
She was born (as many bunnies do) 
one of 257 brothers and sisters 
but when she was only a year old a tragedy struck her little family. 
There was an outbreak of myxomatosis 
and she was the only one of the brood to survive.
 As an ‘haress’ to her fathers fortune, 
she loves nothing better than spending her time 
shopping, browsing fashion magazines, shopping 
and attending the opening of an envelope. 
People may think she's just a socialité
 but behind that sweet smile 
lies more than just a fashionable clotheshorse. 
Her best friend Ruby Gatta also has her own blog 
dedicated to design and all things nice. 

Well... this is a very inspiring "Bunny" to me, 

not only because I´ve been drawing bunnies for the past days 
but also because the creator of this lovely character 
(who no-one knows who is in reality) 
started her project with Fifi in Etsy.
Yes! she (let´s say is a girl) opened her Etsy shop 
with her lovely and fashionista bunny in 2007
 and it was such a success
 that now we can see this chic bunny in multiple Fashion Magazines,
 being the main star of the Topshop show in Tokyo, 
dressed with all the top luxuyry fashion labels in the world,
 collaborating with fashion brands like
and having her own book published 
Oh oh oh this Rabbit is having the time of her life! 

I like this character a lot! is fun, 
is original and simple... 
plus she has a "Cat" best friend called Ruby Gatta
(cute! my fav... Cats an bunny!)


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