August 06, 2013

Ins - pirazione of today: EVANGELIONE


Ins - pirazione of today: 
♥♥♥ Evangelione's Handmade ♥♥♥

I´ve looooooved the work of Yeo Mei Ying 
for many years now! 
She lives in Malasia and that´s too bad 
because if she would live in my city 
I would have already visited her studio 
with a bunch of flowers in my hand to say:
 "do you want to be my friend?" (sigh) 
Evangelione is her business of handmade dolls 
and has been working on it since 2005.

Her dolls are PRECIOUS!!!! hand made to it´s best! 
she creates the most lovely cloth dolls and miniature sets! 
I love her attention to detail and her patience!
 is soooooo amazing what passion and dedication can achieve! 
I can look at her photos for hours and as I do
 I keep getting more and more excited! 
each dolls is prettier than the other... and... 
well since I´m having a "Bunny" inspiration week.... 
I want to focus on her bunnies!

Ohhhh so lovely! their expressions,
 their whiskers, their ears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
I just adore her bunnies and I really want
 to have one in my dolls collection,
 which is really not that easy because her work is really difficult to buy, 
it always sells out!!! (for obvious reasons!)
 I love her photos too!!!! and her Logo!!!!! 
(which is a bunny!)

LOOOVE Evangelione with all my heart! 
Go see her lovely dolls and creatures!!!!! 
enjoy her work here: (cute alert)



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