August 09, 2013

Ins - pirazione of today: ANKA ZHURAVLEVA


Ins - pirazione of today : 
♥♥♥ Anka Zhuravleva arts ♥♥♥

The story of this photographer is quite unique...
 as it is her work. 
She spent her childhood with books on art 
and her mothers’ drawing tools, 
covering acres of paper with her drawings. 
In 1997 she entered the Moscow Architectural Institute 
deciding to follow in her mothers’ footsteps. 
But at the end of 1997 
her mother was diagnosed with cancer
 and died in less that a year. 
Then her father died in 1999. 
This loss in her life made her start a quest to find herself... 
she worked as a tattoo artist, 
singing in a rock-band and modelling 
were some of her jobs to pay her studies. 
In 2001 Anka was working in the post-production department 
at the Mosfilm Studios and that same winter 
one of her colleagues invited her
 to spend a week-end in Saint-Petersburg 
with his friend, composer and musician Alexander Zhuravlev.
 In less than a month Anka said farewell to Moscow, 
her friends and moved in with Alexander in Saint-Petersburg. 
Living with her loved one healed her soul,
 and she regained the urge for painting 
and following her artistic childhood dreams!

After some years of experimenting with painting, 
in 2006 Anka noticed that her inspiration 
often came from photos and decided to take up photography. 
She engaged digital photo art and analog film photography 
as well and now she lives with her husband in Porto, Portugal.

Her photos will be the last of my "Bunny" inspiration week,
 those are the one I found first and I loved them immediately, 
not only because they have rabbits 
but because they are quite intriguing.
Her work is like a fairy tail from the Grimm Brothers, 
sweet but dark at the same time, the colors, the faces...
the situations are so simple and beautiful... 
almost poetic at time... 
Her portraits are one of my favorite parts of her works 
she has quite an eye to capture beauty, 
I love her work and her story!

Check her websites and follow her to know her wonderful world!



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