July 22, 2013

Ins - pirazione of today: ZADOK BEN-DAVID

Ins-pirazione of today:
♥♥♥ Zadok Ben-David ♥♥♥

Born in 1949 is an Israeli artist working in London. 
Born in Beihan, Yemen, 
his family immigrated to Israel when he was an infant. 
He graduated in advanced sculpture
 from St. Martin’s School of Art 
and taught at the same institution from 1977-1982.
 He has a very impressive array of wor
k in large format and in a very small one too. 
He is the recipient of numerous awards. 
Recent awards include Grande Biennial Prémio 
at the XIV Biennale Internacional de Arte de Vila Nova de Cerveira, 
Portugal 2007 and the Tel Aviv Museum prize for sculpture 2005. 
In 2008, he was commissioned
 to make a sculpture for the Beijing Olympics.

The work that called my attention to this artist 
is the one titled "Blackfield". 
This installation is formed by 
20,000 small stainless steel cut plant sculptures
 which arise out of a thin layer of sand 
creating a perfect rectangular installation, 
that asks the viewer to circumambulate the room. 
Painted black on one side and in color on the other,
 as you circle it the work comes to live color!!! 
Each plant sculpture takes its form from 
Victorian botanical illustrations 
which Ben David finds in old text books.

In the shop on his website he sells 
miniature pieces of his work 
made of stainless steel painted in black 
and also books of his work.

Wonderful creativity!!!



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