July 03, 2013

Ins - pirazione of today: TODD BAXTER


Ins - pirazione of today: 
♥♥♥ Todd Baxter Photography ♥♥♥

Todd is a brilliant American photographer

 who caught my attention today 
with his large-scale photography project titled “Owl Scouts”.
 The piece depicts the challenges of life
 through the misadventures of two young children, 
amazingly weird photos!!!!!

Found this text of he talking about himself: 

"I split my time between Chicago, 
Los Angeles and New York City.
 My main studio is in Chicago: 
A lofty live-work studio. It’s light­-filled 
(lots of windows and skylights),
 found object-­filled (I’m an alley picker)and art-filled 
(that amazing artists will trade 
their art for mine surprises me every time) 
and has a pretty decent collection of succulents,
 from LA backyards, 
and some animal bones that I’ve found on my travels."

He´s taught Photography and Art

 in the US and Oman!
 (that must have been quite an experience!) 
and then started working as a freelance designer 
and art director in Chicago 
and since 2004 he has worked as self­-employed photographer.

I love his conceptual work!

 also his portraits are quite interesting, 
his characters and scenery are weird, 
fun and somehow poetic, 
still my favorite ones are the "owl scout" series! 
a bit sweet, a bit grim at times, I  it!!!!!

I found a very nice POST

about a friend of Todd 
who being in photography emergency 
got help from him! (LOVE IT!)


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