July 19, 2013

Ins - pirazione of today: SHAUN TAN


Ins - pirazione of today: 
♥♥♥ Shaun Tan ♥♥♥

"I was always head down,

 looking at objects on the beach, 
almost fixated on collecting seashells 
and bumping into something that's unexpected"
-Shaun Tan

If you like me are a fan of illustrated children books 

and graphic novels I´m sure you know him... 
Shaun Tan is an author-illustrator 
from Australia who as his young age has won 
some of the most prestigious awards in the field of illustration
 like the ASTRID LINDGREN AWARD in 2011.

He has many book published, beautiful ones... 

but my favorite one is THE ARRIVAL.
This book marked me deeply as an artist and is one of my lost treasures...
 (had to leave him behind in a move). 
His books are not the "usual" picture books at all... 
they are bizarre stories full of dream like characters, 
he describes them as ""illustrated modern fables". 
He plays with concepts and imagery 
in such a beautiful way that touches your heart... 
is intense and subtle... 
I specially like the fact that THE ARRIVAL has no words,
only pictures... and a surreal (and yet) very real story.
Every illustration will take you in a journey
 with a deep and kind of melancholic feeling... 
Many stories of new comers to new cities 
narrated in such an extraordinary way! 
It is absolutely one of my favorite books. 
(I need to buy it again).

His father was an architect and Tan recalls

 spending hours as a child drawing pictures 
on the back of discarded architectural sketches.
"I learnt some of my style from him," says Tan,

 "including the extreme attention to detail. 
There's that sense that if you do something 
it has to be well-crafted and it's more fun that way 
and you get a better thing at the end."

He also won an Academy Award for THE LOST THING

 a 2011 animated film adaptation
 of a 2000 picture book he wrote and illustrated. 

And... looks like he is a very nice person! 

I just read the story of a fan of his books
 that went to hear him talk in London, 
she mentiones that he took the time 
to sign and make a little sketch 
for each one of the fans 
who were making a line to get his signature. 
You can read it HERE

If you don´t know him...

 believe me... 
He is a wonderful inspiration!


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