July 10, 2013

Ins - pirazione of today : SARAH ANNE DINARDO

Ins - pirazione of today 
♥♥♥ Sarah Anne DiNardo ♥♥♥

"My mom taught me 
the beauty of seeing  not only seeing something 
for what it was but for what something would potentially be...
 I fell in love with that "hunt", 
to be able to find something 
that you never even knew you were looking for..."

Sarah is a tape artist,
 she basically makes intricate sculptures
 with rolls of tape she makes one by one!!!! 
AWESOME!!! I´m in love with her work!!!!
 and I admire her originality so much! 
to be able to turn something so common
 as tape into beautiful pieces of art 
tells me a lot about this artist. 
and I love the way she explains her process
 and where she comes from!
 The final pieces are visually very attractive, 
and once you understand her intimate 
and almost meditative process they become even more beautiful!

Sooooo cool!!!! 
This is one of those artists 
that confirm this idea of mine 
that inspiration is EVERYWHERE...
 is just a matter of open our eyes... 
and see... (really... really see)


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