July 15, 2013

Ins - pirazione of today: MON METRO


Ins - pirazione of today
 ♥♥♥ MON METRO ♥♥♥

I´m VERY HAPPY to be part 
of the project "MON METRO" 68 STATIONS, 68 PORTRAITS 
He will take photos 
of a different person in each of the 68 stations
each station has a different design and look 
and with his photos 
Mat takes us around the stations 
to discover them along with someone who leaves nearby.

"The goal is to discover 
the various neighborhoods and inhabitants 
of the greater Montréal area, 
Stretching 71km, the historic Montréal metro system 
is known for its modern art, 
its piercing light and vibrant colors, 
but its passengers are what bring it alive" 
he says.

I already had a special attachment 
to my station (Station De L'Église), 
I travel only by metro and bus and this station is my home, 
every time I arrive here I feel home... 
After going around with Mat 
taking these photos 
I got to know some parts of it I didn´t know! 
Plus we took the photos on July 13th 
the anniversary of Frida´s death 
and I was wearing my Frida shirt... 
it made it more special!


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