July 17, 2013

Ins - pirazione of today: MARC GIAI-MINIET


Ins - pirazione of today: 

He is a French artist (Born in 1946 in Trappes) 
and he makes some of the most 
incredibly detailed (and disturbing!) 
dioramas that I´ve seen!!!!! 
Marc started creating these 
disturbing shadowbox dioramas 
rather late in his career,
 recurring themes include libraries, furnaces,
 laboratories, submarines and intestine-like tubing in lonely, 
decaying spaces.
 His little libraries inhabit multi-storied buildings, 
perfectly suitable for book loving people! 
(like me!).

There seems to be something sinister 
hiding in his work, 
each corner is full of forgotten objects, 
stained basement floors, dirty floors 
and dusty books everywhere... 
I´m in complete shock with the amount 
of detail each box has!!!

His work was the inspiration
 and the set for the film "Mémoires Vives" 
which is the journey of a man after the afterlife.

One of the best diorama artist I know!!!! 
absolutely INSPIRING!!!!

INTERVIEW (french)


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