July 23, 2013

Ins - pirazione of today: HARRY HOLLAND

Ins - pirazione of today : 
♥♥♥ Harry Holland ♥♥♥

“We are acutely attuned 
to the differences between people, 
especially the sexes, 
but the differences are nothing like 
so interesting and useful as the similarities. 
We are driven by this contradiction. 
Looking at other people is a way of looking at yourself. 
The other aspect to this, of course,
 is the curious relationship between men and women, 
locked in a perpetual dance of intelligence and need.”

Holland was born in Glasgow in 1941
 and trained at St. Martin's School of Art from 1965-69. 
Since the 70s this extraordinary figurative artist
 has had over 30 solo exhibitions 
and figured in countless group exhibitions worldwide. 
Not surprisingly, his work has developed 
a substantial international following amongst collectors 
and has found its way into numerous important 
public collections world-wide including the Tate Gallery, 
British Museum and Metropolitan Museum of Art New York.

Looking at his paintings, listening to his interview 
and reading about him 
has been a wonderful leaning and inspirational experience. 
I like his deep understanding of the human body 
and the world. 
Not too mention his flawless technique, 
absolutely amazing!

"If you understand the structure of things...
you understand the difference between atmosphere, 
form, line, tone and all those things... 
you have a much, not only a much greater appreciation 
but you actually enjoy the world a lot more" 
-Harry Holland
(I agree!)



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