July 09, 2013

Ins - pirazione of today : DODO OKA


Ins - pirazione of today:
 ♥♥♥ DODO OKA ♥♥♥

Finding this artist started with an image... 
an image of a girl on her sewing machine, 
a beautiful print worked so delicately and smartly!!! 
(the use of the negative space is BRILLIANT!) 
that I just couldn´t stop looking for the artist!!! 
after few months of looking 
finally someone helped me and told me his name!!!! 
He is an amazing Japanese children illustrator!!!! 
unfortunately I don´t know much about him 
because his site is in Japanese 
and there is not much information 
(or images) outside of it... 

It doesn´t matter... 
his work speaks for itself!!!! 
Is LOVELY!!! fresh! simple 
and yet very elaborated, 
blocks of colors, like children drawings! 
(I always admire illustrators 
with the capacity of drawing like a child, 
I´m trying to do it myself and it´s not easy! 
drawing like a child 
is the purest form of drawing in my opinion!)

I´m in love with his work!!!!!! 


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