June 27, 2013

Ins-pirazione of today: NIKE SCHROEDER


Ins - pirazione of today
 ♥♥♥ Nike Schroeder ♥♥♥

She is a textile artist and draws with thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
oh oh oh!!!!!!!!! just like I do!!!! 
(well, different of course! but you know what I mean)

Nike Schroeder is a Berlin-based artist 
who creates hand embroidered illustrations 
both carefully composed and seemingly unfinished.

In her portfolio of work we can see faces, 
figures, bodies and body parts
 drawn with thread on canvas. 
Sometimes she incorporates paint to them 
to create an interesting mixture
 and create a sense of realism. 
Schroeder leaves loose ends of thread 
to hang out of her pieces like possible accidents. 
In her more recent work 
the THREAD is the main part of her work, 
chunks of colors hang loosely next to each other 
creating different patterns and shapes of color! 
Geometry plays a big role on these pieces 
and they are absolutely amazing! 
She is playful in her style and methodical in her technique. 
Her illustration and embroidery 
both create her universe and is all carefully connected 
just by A THREAD!!!!

I love artists who innovate, 
who appropriate a medium or material 
to their own needs and recreates its purpose.
 her work! super inspirational!!!!!!



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