June 26, 2013

Ins-pirazione of today: MARY JANE ANSELL


Ins-pirazione of today

 ♥♥♥ Mary Jane Ansell ♥♥♥

Born in Shropshire en 1972. 

She graduated in 1994 from Brighton´s University. 

She is an award winning oil painter 
specializing in contemporary and figurative portraiture.
 Her work is currently represented exclusively by 
The Fairfax Gallery in London.

Her figurative oil portraits are beautiful and intimate, 
the light, the detail, the texture, extremely beautiful! 
They make me feel like I´m looking into a peephole 
of a wall into another room 
where beautiful things are happening, 
where these beautiful women are living a special moment 
and I´m now part of it. 
She has mastered a special technique
 building up many layers of increasing detail, 
firstly with a light charcoal sketch 
then building up a monochrome grisaille underpainting 
over which she gradually adds color 
with both transparent glazes and full bodied color. 

She says:

"It is a time consuming process 
but I really enjoy the unique qualities it can give
the surface becomes egg shell smooth 
and offers very delicate tonal variations impossible 
with other painting methods."

What an amazing artist!!!! 


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