June 25, 2013

Ins - pirazione of today: DANA TANAMACHI

for a while now I´ve been posting 
my favorite artists of all kinds on my facebook
but I think is time to share it with you here too!)

(Hope you enjoy and spread the inspiration!)

Ins - pirazione of today is the chalk artist 

It is a great time when despite all the new technologies 

and new art an artist working solely with chalk 
has so much success!!!! 

Dana Tanamachi is a Texas-bred,

 Brooklyn-based graphic designer and letterer, 
she works with white chalks and her designs 
have been commissioned by clients such as Google, 
Yahoo!, Rugby Ralph Lauren, The Ace Hotel, 
Tommy Hilfiger, West Elm, and Bloomingdale’s.

Her works take me back to those days 

when adds where painted on the walls, 
the vintage letters and intricate decorations 
have such an old fashion feeling 
and yet it has a "je ne sais quoi" 
that fits perfect in our modern world! 
Maybe is our own desire to go back
 to our childhood artistic roots, 
maybe is a worldwide movement of people
 who more and more want handmade art,
 maybe is just me who like anything that is made from the heart... 
but I love the fact that someone drawing with chalk is so successful!!!! 

Love her work!!!!!  

Look at her website: http://www.danatanamachi.com/
At her studio site: http://tanamachistudio.com/
and her Vimeo channel with time lapsed videos of her process:


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