November 18, 2012



Señorita Cara Carmina
wants the war to stop!
ENOUGH!!!!!! :(

Stop the war everywhere
in Israle, in Gaza, in Mexico
in America, in Africa, en Asia,
in Siria, in the streets, in your houses,
in our families!!!!!!

STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

(just change the world "Iran" in the video
for "Gaza" and you`ll see it is the same story)

La Señorita Cara Carmina
quiere que pare la guerra!
QUE PARE!!!!! :(

Que pare la gerra en todos lados
en Israel, en Gaza, en México
en América, en Africa, en Asia,
en Siria, en las calles, en sus casas,
en sus familias!!!!!!!

QUE PARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Tan sólo cambién el nombre de "Iran"
en el video por "Gaza" y verán que es lo mismo)


Please stop the war

Please stop the rockets. 
Please don't enter Gaza. 
It will lead only to more death. 
On both side people are going to die. We are going to loose friends, family, children. 
We are going to get trapped in another bloody circle and at the end it will serve no one.

We can stop now. 
Stop the rockets. 
Stop the marching orders. 
Just stop. 
Talk before it s too late.
This is The only solution to this madness. 
Even in this difficult moment, even after all the rockets, the bombing, the dead, it is not to late.

As an Israeli, my heart goes to my people in the south of Israel, to the mothers and children of Ashdod, Ashkelon, to the families who lost their loved one, to the people who have been living in fear for years. 
As a human being my heart goes also to the mothers and children of Gaza, to the families who lost their loved one, to the people living in fear for years. 

More bombs on both side won t change a thing. They will just prove right the extremists and take all of us down.
In 2009 hundreds of people died in the same scenario….for what?
In the last 4 years both side should have done everything they can so this will never happen again….and today it s happening all over again.

Today can be the last day of this war if you want it

Please stop the war

Ronny, Israel


ZEPETIT said...

Que pare ya!


Prof. Claudia Solís Umpierrez said...

No a la guerra, siempre los más débiles serán las victimas y los poderosos serán impunes.

Cara Carmina said...

Zepetit: que pare!!!!!!!!! (gracias)

Prof. Claudia: Gracias por tu comentario! esto tiene que parar!!!!