June 11, 2012

To put a cat to sleep


Another lovely diorama is ready!
and what better company for it
than one of German Machado´s poems!
(This is my poor English translation of it
the original one is in Spanish)

*To put a cat to sleep*

Tell him a story
and if he does not fall to sleep,
tell him another one,
this time slower:
A story about a nest
that becomes a house
where dreams turn into hope.


Otro hermoso diorama está listo!
y que mejor compañía que un hermoso poema

*Para que un gato duerma* 

Cuéntale un cuento.
Y si no duerme,
pero más lento:
un cuento en el que un nido
sea una casa
donde el sueño se incuba
como esperanza.



Ludo braille said...

J'aime beaucoup vos petites scénettes !!!

hogenbirk knitwear said...

You surprise me every time with your wonderful work!
Love it!!

Chrisy said...

I'd be quite happy to fall asleep with somebody telling me stories like that....

Cara Carmina said...

Nadia: merci!!!!!!!!!! xoxo!!!!

Hogenbirk knitwear: Thank you so much!!!! :D :D :D

Chrisy: Oh oh oh me too!!!! Thank you!!! :D