March 31, 2012

Interview in Italian


I am so happy!
today an interview about me
was published in a very cool
"Punk" Webzine

I enjoyed this interview very much!
plus it`s in my favorite language (Italian)
which I speak and love!!!
I wanted to share it with you
So here is the English translation
(is a very cool interview!) 

Here we go:

Con Cara Carmina
by David Capone

- What the dolls said to you when you was a child?

They helped me go through rough times, to understand myself... If I think about it I had them always well dressed and very neat... I needed my dolls to be perfect... to keep my childhood in balance...

- All of us are a little bit dolls, this is the reason why we are so attracted to them?

Yes, we like to represent ourselves in different ways... I think it´s a subconscious attraction to our essence, to ourselves. Dolls have been used through history for different things, for protection, for magic, as toys, as companions, as collector’s items... the whole concept of a doll is almost as magical as that of a portrait...

- The world must find a foolproof system to save themselves: think we can sew up it?

I like to believe that we can save the world... yes, I still we can do it.  If we only would learn how to help each other... things would be better for sure.

- Do you think you will become so rich with your dolls?

Not really, is not the money my primary purpose when I make dolls, is the creation itself... money comes as a consequence, and of course I want to live from my work!  I just don´t think about it like that.

- In addition to sewing you also invent stories about cats: "A cat climbs on a library to jump on the head of a rabbit" ... How does it end?

Well... that depends... Is the rabbit wearing a hat or not? That would change the end completely... I think the rabbit does wear a hat... one of those magicians hat... (he came out of it must likely) so the cat lands on top of the hat scaring the rabbit (rabbits are so easy to scare anyways, not like cats) The cat apologizes to the rabbit for scaring him and they end up drinking a cup of black tea (with milk for the cat) together while they read a children story.  If the rabbit would have not been wearing a hat the story would have not been this much fun.

- How “punk” are your dolls?

I´m not sure... I guess you can call them many styles... sometimes I´ve thought my “Dream Whisperers” are a bit punk... and those dressed in black too!

- What music do you listen while you work?

I like happy music from indie bands and classical too, love Mozart... I love Operas too... in Italian are my favorite ones!  I love boleros as well... (Spanish old romantic songs) and sometimes electronic when I have to keep working, and working, and working...

- You say you love the crack on the wall of your house and that you will miss it the day you move.  Can´t you crack a wall in your next house?

I love that wall... is such a special crack... the perfect crack in the wall... not easy to find...  I guess when I move I´ll have to break many walls before I find another “perfect” one... (hopefully I will find it soon before I destroy the walls!)

- How is your city?

My city (Montreal) is beautiful, is colorful and gray, is young and old, is cold and hot (more cold in my opinion) is French and English, is delicious, is quiet and busy... is an island and a mountain... is my nest, is my space... and like they say here “J´aime Montreal!” (my dolls are very happy here too)

- Do you know Pinnocchio? Do you like him?

Yes I know him... I read him many times... the original story from Carlo Collodi is my favorite one... I´m not fond of the American version... one of my favorite Pinocchios is that one of Gris Grimly.  (Oh oh oh and now he is producing a movie of Pinocchio with Guillermo del Toro!!! That sounds like my kind of Pinocchio!)

- Do you know Mandy the doll? They say she´s cursed: what do you think about that?

I think is that Mandy is sad because she had no one to love her and she should move to Montreal to play with my dolls; that would definitely make her feel better!


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