March 21, 2012

The book project

I have a big surprise to share with you all!
La Señorita Cara Carmina is making a book!
and is no ordinary book,
this book is a work collaboration with 
a poet!!! yes, yes! a real poet!!!

His name is Germán Machado,
he is from Uruguay and writes poetry and short stories
(among other things) 
oh oh oh and his a very nice person,
I know that because he is taking care of a lovely
and tiny humming bird that fell from a tree
in his garden!!!! 
(that is an absolute proof that he is 
the kind of poet that are good persons)
This is his blog and you can see his books here.

He saw my Dioramas and got inspired
and now I read his poems and get inspired...
and that`s more or less how we are going 
to make this amazing project!

Each diorama will have a series of instructions
in the form of a small poem...
like the one you see above
We are, so far, working only in Spanish
 so here is my poor translation of German´s poem
for my "washing cats" diorama 
for you to get an idea:

How to wash a cat

do not use detergent
soak only in warm water
rinse it drop by drop
with just a bit of soap
the way this works the best
is when using shark tallow soap first
and so, after the first wash
hang your cat to get dry
for this you need only two pins
and then you can start to sing

it is absolutely beautiful! I love it!
and I think it will be a wonderful book!!!

I love children books
and one of my biggest dreams
is to make one myself...
so needless to say,
this project is making my smile big 
and my heart beat very fast.

oh oh oh and the cats
are also very happy!!!!


Tengo una gran sorpresa que compartirles!
La Señorita Cara Carmina está haciendo un libro!
y no es un libro cualquiera,
este libro es una colaboración 
con un poeta!!!
sí, sí... con un poeta de verdad!!!

El poeta es Germán Machado y es de Uruguay,
el escribe poesía y cuentos
(entre otras cosas)
oh oh oh y es buenísima persona,
esto último lo se porque está cuidando
a un pequeño colibrí que se cayó
de un árbol en su jardín
(esto es prueba absoluta de que 
es un poeta muy buena persona)
Este es su blog y aquí pueden ver sus libros

Él vió mis dioramas y se inspiró
y ahora yo leo sus poemas y me inspiro...
y así es más o menos como le vamos a hacer
para realizar este maravilloso proyecto!

Él vió mis dioramas y se inspiró
y ahora yo leo sus poemas y me inspiro...
y así es más o menos como le hacemos
para hacer este maravilloso proyecto!

Cada diorama tendrá una especie de instructivo
en la forma de un poema
Aquí está el poema para el diorama 
del tendedero de gatos 
para que se den una idea:

Para lavar a un gato

no use lavarropas
use agua tibia
viértala gota a gota
use poco jabón
es preferible el de sebo
de tiburón
y luego del lavado
cuélguelo a secar
con solo dos palillos
y a otro cantar.

Es hermoso!!!! me encanta!
y creo que será un libro maravilloso!!!

Me fascinan los libros infantiles
y el hacer uno con mi trabajo
ha sido siempre uno de mis sueños...
así que sobra decir,
que este proyecto me hace sonrír
y me alborota el corazón!



Troche said...

Tu universo es hermoso!
Gracias por visitar mi blog.

Un abrazo

Cara Carmina said...

Y lo mismo digo! :D

StephieB said...

How exciting for you Norma - I know how you have always loved children's books. I can't wait to see it all come together.

Hugs, Stephie x

Cara Carmina said...

Hey Stephie! :D Oh you know I love children books... is such a dream of mine to make my own book!!! so I`m very happy!!!! thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxox said...

This is wonderful news, Norma! :-D
Even if I don't speak spanish very well right now, I think this beautiful project will motivate me so I can understand his beautiful words!
How I understand your love for children's books. :) What's not to love about them?
I've recently discovered the "Kid you not! Podcast" which talks about Children's litterature. I thought it might interest you:
They do have very strong english accents, so they are not always easy to understand. But it makes us practice. :)