February 08, 2012

Paper boat


Señorita Cara Carmina
has her own paper boat!!!

I´m really enjoying playing around
with little Señorita Cara Carmina
she is one of my dearest creations
and I´m getting more and more inspired...

this 3D little settings are just so cute!
I´m getting lots of ideas...
and It´s so much fun to make them come true!

Wouldn´t it be nice to have your own paper boat?


La Señorita Cara Carmina
tiene su propio barco de papel!!!
(que lindaaaaaa)

Estoy disfrutando tanto inventar
estos pequeños momentos con esta muñequita.
Ella es una de mis creaciones más queridas,
y cada día me inspira más y más...

Estas pequeñitas instalaciones en 3D son hermosas!
tengo muchisimas ideas...
y hacerlas realidad es muy divertido!

No sería lindo tener su propio barco de papel?



StephieB said...

So cute Norma! I love it and can't wait to see how it develops. I hope you are well my friend, Stephie x

Cara Carmina said...

Thanks my dear!!!! :D I am much better each day... you are so nice in always remembering and wishing me the best... I send you lots of yellow hugs!!!! <3<3<3 :D