January 31, 2012

My Frida doll

Today I finished 
a lovely Frida doll!
(to see her go to my flickr)


Hoy terminé una
hermosa Frida!
(para verla vayan a mi flickr)



from cinthia said...

i really like these little moments you draw and now, i'm also coming for them, to take my smile from them !

Sonia Otero said...

Me encantan tus ilustraciones que lo mismo ocupan un papel que se vuelven de trapo y todas igual de bellas!!
SAludos, Sonia

Cara Carmina said...

hello Cinthia! :D nice to hear you like them... I`m enjoying them so much! ;)

hola Sonia!!! :D muchos abrazos amarillos! y besos (amarillos tambièn!) :D