January 17, 2012

More textile collages...

Latest textile collages!
going to Spain and Belgium!
(I love the cats)

If you want your own family
in one of my textile collages go to my store
I have different sizes to fit your family! :D


Estos son mis más recientes collages!
Se van 2 a España y uno a Belgica!
(Amo los gatooooos)
Si quieres tener tu propio collage
con tu familia ve a mi tienda
hago diferentes tamaños
para cualquier tipo de familia! :D



AKAmamma said...

Looks good! You are so creative! What have you got planned next? Heather

Zepequeña said...



Isabelle Kessedjian said...

Me gusta mucho !

StephieB said...

So sweet Norma - I love them and i love that they are going to new homes in faraway places!

I hope you are feeling much better now and that you are still enjoying the snow.

Stephie x

Cara Carmina said...

AKAmamma: Hey Heather!!!! thanks for visiting! oh oh oh many surprises to come! :D hope you are having a good new year! :D

Zepequeña: graaaaaaaacias! :D

Isabelle: merci!!! ;)

Stephieb: oh hey girl!!!! you are so nice always wishing me good... I do feel much better! :D thanks for always remember about my health! :D loving the snow over here! specially because we don´t have a car! aha!!!! ;) big hug and have a lovely yellow day! xx n