January 05, 2012

I´m sick

a cute doctor and nurse 
like these would be very nice to have in a case
like mine

Such a nice moment 
a sneeze!
(I`m having many of these)
(love this photo)

Such a cute tissue box!!!
(and they come in different colors!)

Love this mini doctors!

Oh I would give half of my kingdom
for some of this right now! (achoooo!)

I love this "get well soon - chicken soup" card
it`s so cool!!!
(also in many colors)


I've been sick since last Sunday
I started coughing...
then the migraine came
the migraine stayed (she's still here)
then the sneezing
then the blocked nose...

needless to say I'm a mess
(but still a cute mess)

Since my head hurts I haven't been able
to do much, because everything bothers me, 
the TV, reading, sounds, light...  
but I got a bit of a brake and looked for a few things
that would make me feel better...  
(those macarons would definitely would cheer me up)

I hope I get better soon to start working again
as I had planned to do this week...
and please don't get too close I'm highly contagious!!!!


He estado enferma desde el domingo pasado
primero tosí...
luego la migraña llegó
la migraña se quedó (y aquí sigue la condenada)
luego estornudé
y al final mi nariz se tapó...

Ya que más les digo, soy un desastre
(pero un lindo desastre aún)

Y como me duele la cabeza no he podido hacer mucho
porque todo me molesta, que si la tele, que leer,
que el sonido, que la luz...
pero en un pedacito de sanidad me puse a buscar 
unas cuantas cositas
que me harían sentir mejor...
(esos macarones definitivamente me alegrarían el día)

Espero mejorarme pronto para ya empezar a trabajar
como lo tenía planeado...
y por favor no se me acerquen mucho porque estoy super contagiosa!!!!


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