December 07, 2011



And here is the big surprise!!!!
Cara Carmina is happy to be a part
of the 8th edition of the wonderful
This weekend!!!!

This is one of the best events in Montreal!!!
and this is my first year so I`m veeeery
veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery happy!!!!!

go to their web site to see the amazing photos of past events
and follow them in facebook and twitter.

I`m so excited to be a part of this I`ve been jumping and singing
and smiling and claping and whistling like a bird!

Oh oh oh the Fridas will be there!
The dollies and their pets will be there!
and we are all just so happy we are going to be there!

So be there or be square!!!! come say hi!
The place is completely renovated and is just soooo cool!!!
even the invitation to the event is cool ha?

I wanted to share with those of you
who are not in Montreal some photos of their last edition
so you can see the cool factor of this event...
(I will of course take lot`s of photos of this weekend
and share them to you my dears!)

take a look and check it out:

and if you happen to be in Montreal this weekend
YOU HAVE TO COME!!!!!!!!!!!!


Friday - Saturday : 12-9pm
Sunday : 12-9pm
1201 Blvd St. Laurent




Zepequeña said...

What a putty that I´m so far...


Cara Carmina said...

Oh I know!!!!! :(