December 05, 2011

Smart Design tour!!!

Soooo..... here is a little sneak peek of my weekend in


My Favorite Photographer Cassia!!!! :D (aka Changuita)
(changuita means little monkey in Spanish and I loooove her!)
She went around with my camera
with the mission of taking some photos
of the event
and these are some of my favorite ones!!!
(she is a great photographer!)

All organic baby quilts! and other things

Smart Design is one of my fav. events!!!
the space is so cool!
go to their blog to see
the photos of all the artists!!!!

Amazing prints on maps
and old book pages
from my oh dear dear friend Jackie *I love you girl*

pskdpenbox was soooo cool!
(she and her work)

Such great photos
of my dear friend Lisa
(she dresses soooo cool! I love her style!)

Love the work of This Ilk
(I have to get my own earrings soon!!!)

This Ilk again
I looove that piece on the mannequin!!!
(I want that too!!!!)

The ultra cool bow ties of
(I loooooved their space with all those cool photos)

The amazing photos
of the lovely
(she is a proud Frida owner) :D
and my friend too!

I´m a big, big fan of PapirMasse!!!!
looooove looove looove them!
plus Kirsten is so cool!

and last but not least
the fun work of
*he is one of the orginizers!*

Sooo.... hope you had a nice tour
Thanks to all the crew of Smart Design Mart
for all your hard work!!!!

You can see all the photos of the event
here: (1st day, 2nd day and 3rd day)



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