November 04, 2011

Inz - piration (Karly Perez)


Today I found the work of
Karly Perez
and I was immediately attracted to her unique style.
Her clay dolls have this sad and beautiful expression
their backs are hunched
and their clothes and hair are handmade.
Their expressions are sweet and scary at the same time.
I find each of her dolls very special.

I`m a fan of the work of Tim Burton
and three of my favorite children illustrators
I like the inner beauty found in those
things kind of macabre and scary.
These dolls have an eerie and nostalgic beauty,
they are sweet and sad at the same time,
they are just so unique!!!

Karly lives in Richmond, Virginia
and her work is also known as Cheekie Bottoms.
You can see her work in her site or her flickr,
follow her on facebook and twitter
or read her blog and tumblr.
Go to her shop to see what´s available.

While reading through her blog I realized
Karly is always happy to answer any questions about her craft
and quite often she shares her work process
and even where she buys her art supplies!
Must artists don`t like to do that (I do)
so I really like her even more for being this nice!

Such an amazing artist!

( song )


Hoy encontré el trabajo de
Karly Perez
e inmediatamente me sentí atraida por su estilo.
Sus muñecas de arcilla tienen una bella expresión de tristeza,
sus espaldas estan un poco jorobadas
y sus vestidos y cabellos son hechos a mano
sus expresiones son tiernas y tenebrosas al mismo tiempo.
Me gustan todas, cada una es muy especial.

Soy fan del trabajo de Tim Burton
y tres de mis ilustradores infantiles favoritos
Me fascina la belleza que tienen
las cosas que son macabras y tenebrosas.
Estas muñecas tienen una belleza espeluznante y nostálgica,
son tiernas y tristes a la vez,
son totalmente unicas!!!

Karly vive en Richmond, Virginia
y su trabajo es también conocido como Cheekie Bottoms.
Pueden verlo en su sitio y en su flickr,
también seguirla en facebook o twitter
y leerla en su blog y tumblr.
En su tienda pueden ver lo que tiene disponible.

Mientras leía su blog me percaté
que Karly siempre es muy amable
y contesta preguntas acerca de su trabajo,
incluso frecuentemente comparte su proceso de trabajo
e incluso donde compra sus materiales!
A muchos artistas no les gusta hacer esto (a mi sí)
así que la aprecio mucho más por ser tan amable!

Que artista tan maravillosa!



Cheekie Bottoms said...

Thank you so much! How incredibly lovely is this!? I feel as though there's more I'd like to say, but my brain is taking a temporary vacation. So, we'll just go with "thank you!!" again :) This truly does mean a lot.

Cara Carmina said...

you are more than welcome my dear Karly! you have become a truly inspiration for me... I saw your dolls and immediately was fascinated... you are very talented! congratulations for making such beautiful dolls! :D big yellow hug for you! :D thanks for stopping by and leaving a message!

David said...

HI Karley,
I have just discovered your dolls and cannot get enough of them, i am DESPERATE to buy/commission one!!! Is the Etsy store the only place I can get one?

Cara Carmina said...

Hello there, this is not the blog of Karly so if you want to contact her please go to her blog, facebook or any of the other sites I gave in this post to my readers. :D thanks!