November 02, 2011

Inz - piration (Jess Brown)


When I saw the life size dolls of
I could not believe how lovely they are!!!
She made these dolls specially
for the Italian Fashion brand Bottega Venetta,
and they put her dolls
in their store windows all dressed up and accesorized!!!
they are soooo awesome!!! I wished I see them in real!

Jess Brown lives in California and she loves textiles.
Each of her dolls is unique and cut to order.
They are very simple and beautiful
and their dresses are just lovely.
I love her work!
You can see her work in her site,
buy it on her shop,
or follow her on facebook and her blog.

So happy I found her work today!

( song )


Cuando vi las muñecas de tamaño real de
no pude creer lo lindas que son!!!
Ella hizo estas muñecas especialmente
para la marca de moda Italiana Bottega Veneta
y ellos pusieron las muñecas en los aparadores de sus tiendas
vestidas con la marca y todas muy lindas llenas de accesorios!!!
Son divinas, ojalá las hubiera podido ver de verdad!

Jess Brown vive en California y ama los textiles,
Cada una de sus muñecas es unica y hecha por pedido.
Sus muñecas son simples y hermosas
y sus vestidos son de lo más lindo.
Ay como me gusta su trabajo!
Vayan a ver su trabajo a su sitio
comprar en su tienda,
o siganla en facebook o en su blog.

Que lindo haber encontrado su trabajo hoy!



Dominique said...

wow very impressive! and inz-pirationnal like you say! That is what i need these days Cara!!!! thank you!

StephieB said...

Her dolls are just amazing aren't they? I would love to own one but they are a little too expensive - sigh! Hope you are well, Stephie x

Jessie Bellon said...

Bonjour j'adore vos poupées. Pourrais je avoir s'il vous plaît un modèle pour en créer un? Thank you

Newton Moses said...

It is quite evident that Jess Brown is really talented in what she does. I really like these dolls and must buy some for my kid. I'm really glad that I came across this post. Feel free to click on this link: Communication Skills Thesis Aid