October 14, 2011



Today when I went out I was greeted by colorful leaves...
(I couldn't stop smiling)

My house looks lovely in the Fall!!!
my atelier window is that in the 3rd floor
and the maple tree is my friend...

I like the noise when you walk on them,
I like the smell in the air.
Right now is just looking at me
smiling... the Maple tree is smiling at me.

--- sigh ---


Hoy al salir fui recibida por un montón de hojas de colores...
(no pude sino soreir)

Mi casa se ve hermosa en el otoño!!!
my estudio es esa ventana del 3er piso
y el maple es mi amigo...

Me gusta el ruidito que se oye cuando caminas sobre ellas,
Me gusta el olor en el aire.
Justo ahora me esta sonriendo,
El maple me esta sonriendo.

--- suspiro ---



Chani said...

So pretty! Is that your cat? I love so much that picture, it's like the cat is dancing!

And yes, it is a nice coincidence. I am really obsessed with those books. I have like around three hundread, I can't stop buying books :(

Fanie said...

It looks so pretty around your place! :-D You're inspring me to go out a little more and take some pictures, as well!

Cara Carmina said...

Chani: yes! thats mr. Sarcasm... cute photo ha? he was kind of concerned not to step on the leaves... :D ooooh yes I have 3 ... there is a book store in my block that sells them (old books) so if you want I can pass you the address... :D

Fanie: ooooh yes...! take photos!!!!!! :D :D :D big hug dear! hope you are fine and enjoying the Fall!