June 16, 2011

this weekend

Here is my schedule for this weekend!!!! (applauses)

Friday 12-6pm
(as part of the event "La Main" in the street St. Laurent which will be closed to the traffic with many fun events, sales and more!)

Saturday 11-6pm
-5pm(as part of the event "Journée des Bons Voisins 2011" in the street St. Viateur which will be closed to the traffic also with lot of food, sales and fun!)

Sunday 12-5pm
(same as Friday)

Wish me good luck!!!! (go to the links to see all the details of each event)


StephieB said...

Good luck dear Norma. What a busy weekend for you! You will need a couple of days off to catch your breath! Bon chance (sorry, that's about as good as my French gets!), Stephie x

Cara Carmina said...

thanks Stephie! :)

Oh I`m exhausted but inspired... :) thanks for the good wishes in French! (that`s perfect)

merci ma cherie! :)