June 08, 2011

Nuit Blanche sur Tableau Noir

I`m so excited about this weekend!!!! I will be part of a great event for the 1st time!!! "Nuit Blanche sur Tableau Noir" on the famous street Mt. Royal which will be closed to the traffic to give space to a bunch of wonderful activities like artists painting on the street, music, make up for kids, all the terraces of the restaurants will be open, dancing, and of course an Artists Market where I`ll be allong other wonderful bunch of talented people. I`ll have the honor of sharing the space with two of my favorite Montreal artists. First my dear friend Jackie Bassett (Petal Pop) with her wonderful pressed flower cards and prints over old book pages (really cool) and the oh so amazing work Pollen and Parceline.

This weekend will be a bunch of other events happening in Montreal like the Francofolies and the Grand Prix (Formula 1) so it will be an awesome one!!! (very excited!!!!)

If you are in Montreal, come meet me!!!! I will be right in front of the Metro Mt. Royal! :) (applauses).


Estoy tan emocionada por el evento de este fin de semana!!! Voy a participar por primera vez en "Nuit Blanche sur Tableau Noir" en la famosa calle Mt. Royal! la cual estará cerrada al tráfico para dar paso a un montón de actividades culturales como pintores callejeros, danza, música, maquillaje para los niños y por supuesto un mercado de artistas del cual formaré parte. Tendré el honor de compartir mi espacio con dos talentosas artistas de Montreal. Primero mi gran amiga Jackie Bassett (Petal Pop) con sus hermosas tarjetas de flores de verdad e impresiones en hojas de libros viejos (super lindas) y el hermosisimo trabajo de Pollen et Parceline.

Este fin de semana habrán varios eventos increibles enMontreal como los conciertos de Francofolies y la Formula 1, así que será un fin de semana inolvidable! (estoy muy contenta!!!!).

Si están en Montreal vengan a verme!!!! Estaré justo en frente al Metro Mt. Royal!!! :) (aplausos).


Dominique said...

Quelle belle nouvelle! I am very happy for yoU!
I hope yo make a blast your group and you!

I will be in Quebec city!

Have fun and take pictures!

Cara Carmina said...

Oh merci beaucoup ma cherie!!! :) have fun in Quebec and will show you some photos for sure!!!! :)

PetalPop said...

can't wait, it's gonna be so much fun!!

StephieB said...

Sounds like a lot of fun Norma. I hope it all goes well and there are lots of people out shopping! Once again, I will just have to wait to see the photos! Make sure you get some sleep in the meantime, Stephie x

Libelinha☆ said...

c'est bon de savoir qui tu entend le français... Comme ça, je te peut laisser des commentaires en français =)

Je entend l'englais mais c'est pas facile pour l'ecrire =)

Un bisous de Portugal

Cara Carmina said...

Petal Pop... me neither!!! :D

Stephie: oh I would love that you could come!!! (we would eat lots of macarons!!!) :) will post some photos for sure!

Libelinha: oh mais oui! je ètudie il francais depuis septembre del an dernier... à Montreal la gens parl plus de francais que d`Anglais...

tres buon ton francais!!! ;)